Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dharma Love

I've decided to start blogging again. I started a new blog since one of my blogs was more for family happenings and the other one was more about recipes, health, and nutrition. This one is all about my own musings on life.

Many years ago my friends started calling me Dharma. They said I reminded them of Dharma from the show "Dharma and Greg". Coincidentally, that was my favorite shows at the time, as I wanted to be like her. She was a modern hippie chick who was spirited and heartfelt about loving without judgement and being loved. Fast forward a few years and I discovered a passion for yoga. I had just escaped what I felt was a prison some people call religion, and I was beginning my journey of SELF discovery. Yoga enabled me to explore spirituality without the confines of religion and I loved it! At one workshop that I attended, the instructor was explaining this concept of Dharma. One thing she mentioned was that our Dharma was "that which we were compelled to do". I've started paying attention to what those things are. Through it I've been able to live more authentically and be more authentic, break down walls, protect my own energy, love deeper, let go of judgements, and just learn to LOVE!

So, there you have it.............Dharma Love. I look forward to sharing these thoughts in my head that just want to burst out on "paper".

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  1. Wow, escape from a set religion, is the GREATEST!! Why does the higher power have so many different religions, because we are all so very different, yet kinda the same, and I have to say, haven't been back to church since I started my new religion Yoga, I made it religious for me, and I gotta say, never been happier at a church in my LIFE (Anjali Yoga Room). As Mariah says: BOOM! I say: POW!